PTI Services The Ha'penny bridge in Dublin

PTI have partnered with several key service providers to ensure that our clients experience a stress-free process within three primary areas:

Set Up

Initial set up is facilitated by your local office where a dedicated consultant is assigned to each client.

Residency application and Investment Selection

  • Preliminary shortlist of investment options tailor made to meet your requirements. A bespoke investment option will be created that is within each client’s means and investment objectives whilst providing the strongest residency application possible.
  • Clients have the option to select a variety of different investment solutions within PTI’s expert framework.
  • Additional investment management services are available that can offer assistance and guidance with all related matters.

Residency and Investment Process

  • Guidance and advice throughout the application process.
  • PTI will ensure that you meet any and all residency and citizenship requirements where applicable.
  • The investor(s), their spouse and any children under the age of 18 can make an application for residency and eventual citizenship subject to the correct criteria being met and stringently controlled. The application process for residency can be a protracted ordeal, causing considerable frustration and additional cost. PTI will help you navigate through the red tape, removing the stress and providing you with a fully transparent solution.